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What is AR-15 and the History of


The AR-15 is among the prolific and iconic guns ever built in America. It is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle that features the ArmaLite design. The name AR-15 stands for ArmaLite Rifle, which is the name of the company that developed it. Initially, the AR-15s were fully automated for military use.

The AR-15 has a great history as the longest-serving military rifle in the U.S military. Its design was done by Eugene Stoner, who also designed the AR-10 back in the 1950s. The U.S military was armed with M1 Garand, which served as a reliable and accurate gun during was war. However, the Vietnam troops were using AK-74 rifles, which were not equivalent to the M1 Garands.

As a result, the U.S had to design another rifle that would accommodate a small caliber and high velocity. The AR-15 rifle was designed as the solution to solve this military problem. It was a lighter rifle and easy to use. Also, it was designed as a self-cleaning rifle to enhance less maintenance in the field but later developed some issues. Nevertheless, it has gone undergone several improvements to deal with such problems. The U.S military adopted it as the M16 that was manufactured by Colt.

In 1965, the U.S military had over 300,000 M-16 rifles in the Vietnam War. Nonetheless, their needs in the field were changing, and thus other versions of the M-16 were developed. They include the M-16 A1, M-16 A2, M4, and M-16 A3. Such versions of rifles were lighter, and even would suit women serving as soldiers.

1989 was the year when the first production of AR-15s for the civilian market began. However, it only lasted up to 1994 when the production was stopped as a result of Federal Assault Weapons Ban. The ban lasted till 2004, and the AR-15s came back in the market, and to date, different manufacture still makes this rifle. Lately, there are a lot of controversial issues related to the AR-15 rifle.

Why is AR-15 best?

The AR-15 is among the most accurate gun one could consider for gun competitions, self-defense, and even hunting. Also, you can easily customize AR-15 due to their high adaptability with different components. Among other benefits of an AR-15 are low recoil, user-friendly, and high ammunition and magazine capacity. Finally, it is a reliable weapon that can play a significant role in the life of an average citizen who needs to own a gun.

How to Choose Your First AR-15 – Customize AR-15

The AR-15s have gained a lot of popularity within the American community, and civilians’ interest to own this gun is increasing. However, nobody wants an intimidating experience while buying this kind of firearm. Here is a complete guide on how to choose your first AR-15.

Consider What Type Of Build You Need

Consider What Type Of Build You Need.

The AR-15s come as fully assembled guns, partially assembled parts, and you can also consider purchasing the individual components and building it from scratch. In this case, if you are a beginner and not proficient with guns, then you may consider buying a complete firearm from a gun store. If you have experience with a firearm and more so the AR-15s, then you may build it from scratch or opt to complete it by joining the lower and upper receiver.

Can You Train And Efficiently Use The AR-15?

Can You Train And Efficiently Use The AR-15?

You should consider an AR-15 that is easy to handle while training, and also you can effectively use it in any other situation. This narrows down to its components and accessories. Will the parts on your intended AR-15 help you achieve the above goals? Be selective with parts such as the stock, buffers, rails, optics, etc. Handguards come in different varieties and choose what is more appropriate for you. Can your rails accommodate other accessories on your AR-15? The stocks are also available with many options and styles to choose from but ensure your barrel is 16 inches of length for you to have stock on your AR-15.Depending on what you want, you choose the single-stage trigger or two-stage trigger. What kind of a gas block is fixed on your rifle? Can you adjust the gas block? Gas blocks play a vital role in the functioning of the gun while shooting in any instance. Sights are also essential while it comes to achieving accuracy while choosing.

What Kind Of A Barrel Do You Need?

What Kind Of A Barrel Do You Need?

Choosing the right barrel for your AR-15 is very important. Barrels are vital in achieving accuracy and also accommodate rounds. Also, you need reliable barrels that you will not end up blowing while shooting. That means you need to select a barrel made of sturdy materials.   Besides that, the length of a barrel is also a factor to consider. Length affects the balance and velocity of your AR-15 while firing.

Twist Rate

Twist Rate

Your AR-15 should come along with the right twist rate. The twist rate must match with your AR-15s caliber for you to have effectiveness while shooting. The average twist rate of AR-15s barrels is 1/7 and 1/8.

What Is The Mode Of Operation?

What Is The Mode Of Operation?

It can use either a gas piston or direct impingement. The piston is a bit pricey but also a reliable mechanism on your AR-15 compared to direct impingement.

An AR-15 is one of the best entry-level rifles that one should buy due to its effectiveness and reliability. The above guide should help you achieve satisfaction while you buy your first AR-15. However, if you are familiar with gun platforms, building your AR-15 would be a better choice since it is cheaper, and you can easily customize your AR-15.

Best AR-15 Parts for Upgrades Call Us

What Are The Best AR-15 Parts For Upgrades? 

AR-15s are among the most versatile firearms ever built and available in the market. Can I customize my AR-15? Yes, you can by doing upgrades of certain parts and accessories of the gun. Most of the AR-15 components are interchangeable with other AR-style firearms. Doing gradual upgrades on an AR-15 is one of the best ways to enhance its effectiveness and performance. Which parts can you upgrade on an AR-15?


Furniture refers to the pistol grip, handguard, and the stock of the firearm. These are the first components you should consider while doing an upgrade of your rifle. They require little skills to change; hence, a beginner can easily do the task. Those three parts enhance the ergonomics of your weapon. However, each serves specific benefits while using the AR-15.

Choose grips that are comfortable on your hands. It can have a smooth or rough texture, depending on what you want.

You need stocks that will reduce the impact of recoiling by your powerful AR-15 rifle. However, choose stocks according to your needs of the weapon. Some stocks are suitable for gun competitions, while others are effective for home defense purposes and tactical purposes. They can be collapsible, fixed, adjustable folding, or minimalist stocks.

Handguards/ rail systems are also very significant components of an AR-15. Upgrade to rails that offer comfort for your handgrip, it’s well ventilated, and you can easily mount other accessories. Also, consider the durability and weight of the rails. Some can be heavy, thus adding unnecessary weight on your rifle.

Best AR-15 Parts For Upgrades

When you upgrade the above three parts, you will have comfort while using your firearm. That means you will even achieve a high level of accuracy as well.

Drop-in parts

Drop-in parts

You can easily enhance the functionality of your AR-15 by upgrading the drop-in parts. They are readily available and interchangeable. They include the trigger, gas block, bolt carrier, charging handle, etc. For the triggers, you can choose one-stage or two-stage triggers. You need something light and smoother while pulling it. The two-stage trigger is smoother. You may opt for low profile gas block or adjustable gas block depending on what works best for you. Upgrade to a charging handle that is favorable to your dominant hand while using the firearm.



Accessories entail other equipment that you can install on your rails to enhance the effectiveness and performance of your AR-15. They are vital while using a firearm. Below are accessories you should mount on your AR-15.  Slings and sling attachment help you carry your rifle while not using it. Optics are essential for focusing targets at a distance. Flashlight enhances the lighting while you use your weapon in poor lighting environments. Lasers are also crucial while acquiring your targets.

Other parts

Other parts

There are other parts that you can as well upgrade in your AR-15. They include the barrel, muzzle device, and safety selectors. Customization of these parts will also enhance the functionality of the firearms. However, you have to be very careful while upgrading these components to avoid violation of legal guidelines as provided by federal law and local regulations.

How To Customize An AR-15?

  1. One thing that has made an AR-15 very popular among gun enthusiasts is its ability to adapt to new features. You can easily customize your own AR-15 on its simple design. That enhances its uniqueness and also its effectiveness.
  2. Customization requires you to choose different parts from those factory parts on your AR-15. You can do it while building your own AR-15 or on a complete gun. You will have to add and upgrade some of the parts of your AR-15 while customizing.
  3. One of the best customs should be the barrel. Custom barrels help you achieve the accuracy on your AR-15. It will determine what caliber ammo you can fire and the amount of twist necessary for improved performance. You can also choose from varying lengths.
  4. Fit your AR-15 with custom stocks that enhance secure handling and storage as well. Stocks come in variations, as discussed in the above sub-topic. It will cause no harm if you customize your AR, the most suitable handguards that enhance comfort and can comfortably accommodate other accessories.
  5. Generally, a large part of customizing an AR-15 entails upgrading the parts, as discussed in the above section. Owning a customize AR-15 comes along with uniqueness, enhanced functionality, and better experience while using your weapon.


The opinions expressed in this content do not necessarily reflect the views of other individuals or organizations. Besides, it is not intended to constitute legal advice.

It’s your responsibility to familiarize yourself with relevant laws and guidelines before attempting any form of customization on your AR-15.